StarTran Testimonials

"I love StarTran Theory! It was very clear and made total sense. The audios were a challenge, but that's how you learn. I practiced about one to two hours a day and finished Basic and Advanced in about six months."
Leigh Ann Wade - StarTran Student 


"Now that I'm in the field I see the conflicts and problems other reporters have and I'm more thankful than ever that I learned StarTran, a truly conflict-free realtime theory."
Sally Davis, CSR, RPR

StarTran Realtime Theory Overview
Everything you need for a solid foundation!

We start at the very beginning. Think of court reporting as your house. Theory is the foundation upon which your house is built. If it's built properly, your house will be something to admire. If's a house of cards, destined to collapse.


The StarTran Realtime Theory program is broken down into 40 easy-to-follow lessons. We start with the basics - making sure you have the proper equipment - knowing your state requirements - proper posture at the steno machine. No detail is too small. Each day we will work on a lesson that builds upon the previous one - solidifying that foundation.


StarTran Online is built upon the same teaching platform as the SimplySteno speedbuilding program, a format that's been utilized by hundreds of successful court reporting students. You'll be able to track your work, get your feedback and accomplish everything online, utilizing a step-by-step approach that is simple to follow.


Over the course of 6-9 months (the average time to complete the 40 lessons), you'll learn the language of stenography and come out writing at speeds between 60-80 words per minute, with the eventual goal to be writing at speeds closer to 225 words per minute. Speedbuilding classes kick in after theory!


Just a few StarTran highlights -


StarTran was written by a Certified Reporting Instructor.


Our "Seven Steps to Success" method explains how to study theory.


Unique and varied practice exercises keep students engaged.


Clarifying illustrations with boldly boxed theory principles.


Note-reading immersion.


Consistent phonetics.


Simplified conflict resolution taught from start to finish.


StarTran emphasizes the economy of stroking.


Briefs that fit the theory - not shoe-horned in.


Simple number system that translates perfectly.


Unique and easy "Compound Elements."


All major punctuation marks are incorporated into practice.